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Highland’s Health offers medical, pharmaceutical and wellness services to the Laurel Highlands region.


  1. Primary care services.
  2. Diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.
  3. Routine physicals.
  4. Health screenings.
  5. Testing and immunizations.
  6. X-rays, lab work and minor procedures.
  7. Specialist referrals.


  1. Free medications at time of visit. (excludes narcotics)
  2. Medication management and education.
  3. Narcan distribution and training.
  4. Medication refills.


  1. Nutrition education
  2. Health awareness
  3. Ovarian and Gynecological Cancer awareness
  4. Safe-sex education
  5. STD prevention
  6. Harm-reduction education
  7. Drug and Alcohol counseling
  8. Recovery options


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