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The Johnstown Free Medical Clinic is a legacy to its founder, Dr. George Katter.   During the Johnstown Flood of 1977, he ran a medical clinic at a former elementary school to treat flood victims.  He also traveled by helicopter to flood-affected areas to ensure that care was accessible to all who were in need.  In 1998, he recognized that the need for medical services was greater than any one physician could provide.  Dr. Katter teamed up with a newly formed group, the Johnstown Free Medical Clinic (JFMC).  At this point, he donated his office and all the equipment to JFMC.  With his new team of dedicated volunteers, the free clinic was offering doctor visits, medication, basic labs and x-rays.  Dr. Katter passed away May 24, 2013.  The JFMC honors his legacy by providing our patients with competent, compassionate care.  Dr. Katter thrived on his ability to serve the poor, working tirelessly to provide all patients with top medical care.  He never lost his “working class” roots nor his enthusiasm for healing others.  The JFMC has pledged to serve as he did!


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