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The Clinic is always in need of volunteers!  Commit as little or as much time as you are able to help our uninsured, low-income neighbors.  The Clinic offers volunteer opportunities for certified and non-certified individuals

Doctor and Physician Assistant Volunteers
The Clinic offers shift work for Doctors, Physician Assistants, RNs, LPNs, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, and Pharmacist Technicians.  Applicants should provide the following credentials:  a current license or registration certificate; a  government-issued, photo identification; a resume including a summary of education and training; and an immunization record and PPD status.  Interested applicants should complete the forms below and submit these forms, along with the required credentials, to the executive director.

Doctor/PA Volunteer
Credentialing Application for Physicians PAs Allied ProfessionalsDownload 
Physician Assistant AgreementDownload 
Non Disclosure and Confidentiality AgreementDownload 
Application for Registration As A Supervising PhysicianDownload 


Nursing, Clerical and all other Volunteers
Positions are available for individuals who are task-oriented, organized and who have a desire to help further the Clinic’s mission.  The following volunteer opportunities are available at the Clinic:  Clerical help including data entry and filing; Research Assistants or Grant Writers; Publication and Presentation Designers; and Fundraising Developers.  Interested applicants should complete the forms below and submit these forms to the executive director.

Nurse, Clinical, Other Volunteer
Volunteer Application Information SheetDownload 
Non Disclosure and Confidentiality AgreementDownload 


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